What We Do

StōnFlō is a local business established by Matt Spence in 2014, right here in Oakville. We design and make concrete counter tops and fine concrete elements for your home, office, and backyard. All of our work is done by hand. Most of it is custom-designed to your taste and specifications. Our tables are made with hand-welded cold rolled steel and custom concrete.  All of our pieces are designed to last a lifetime. We love working with concrete. The textures, colours and shapes that can be achieved are limitless. Check out our photos and Facebook page, send us an email or call us to discuss your project or even to chat about ideas. We love working on new things and would enjoy designing something for you.

Matt Spence grew up in Levack, a small mining town in Northern Ontario. He is an Engineering Chemistry graduate from Queen’s University. Matt first began working with concrete on household projects for himself and friends at his home in Oakville, ON. Finding a real passion for working with concrete, he enrolled at the Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina. After successfully completing this course, he pursued his entrepreneurial spirit and established StōnFlō in 2014. Since then we have designed and crafted countless custom concrete projects.  A few are shown here.




Why concrete?

Custom fit difficult spaces, custom colours, custom thickness.  Modern and beautiful.  It comes down to taste. If you like handmade, beautifully flawed pieces that are made from 100% recyclable materials, concrete is for you.  Our tables and countertops are made with GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete). This is NOT concrete mix from a bag. It is a custom mix, extremely strong, and is very light. Our thicker slabs have a high density foam core, are very light and also incredibly strong. Table frames are fully hand welded, there are no joints that may loosen over time. They are beautiful, rugged and industrial strength.


Can I damage my StōnFlō concrete?

StōnFlō concrete is incredibly strong and durable, but all concrete is also porous.  Because of this, it requires a coating to provide stain and scratch resistance. StōnFlō coatings are of the highest quality and fully tested in house to insure stain resistance as well as scratch and heat resistance. They are also extremely thin and transparent, so much so that it is difficult to determine if there is a coating present. Our goal is always to expose the beauty of concrete.

Once I place my order, how long until delivery?

Custom tables are usually 10-14 days once an order is placed.  Custom countertops are usually delivered within two weeks of templating.


Every project is different, but in general, countertops start at $100/sqft plus custom elements like sinks, inlays, etc.  End tables are usually $800-$1200ea depending on size and custom elements, Coffee tables $1200-$3000.  Call for your custom quote!!

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Call or text us at 905-399-1009, or send us an email using the spaces below.  We look forward to hearing from you!!

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